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CURE integrates phage therapy with razor-sharp analytical technologies (metagenomics & mathematical modelling) to realise its  potential for European and global scientific leadership. The Consortium involves world-leading researchers with long track records, middle-stage younger academics, who are leading key components of the program, and highly dynamic and upcoming early career scientists, with key roles in generating novelty while accruing experience.

CURE also transcends historical limits of therapeutic boundaries to prudently set standards for accomplishing future European industrial leadership in the field of phage therapy. Strong interest on this concept is currently just starting to emerge, arising from the challenge of antibiotic resistance. Europe is well positioned to compete in what is expected to be an intense race. Establishing radically novel uses and innovative approaches, and contributing to the discussion on the required regulatory framework, exactly as CURE proposes, would be a major boost towards European prominence in this innovative area.

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